Welcome back to another chapter of the Sims Legacy! Last chapter a lot happened, mainly I just learned that the extreme legacy start with Seasons is hard. As for Flynn, he got a job in the Scientist career, met and proposed to Nimah Winslow, had his first holiday, and they are expecting their first baby.

09-05-18_10-04-25 AM

Thanks to Father Winter and his gifts, I was able to build them an actual house! I also sold the chess table Flynn received and purchased a cheaper one.

09-05-18_10-19-44 AM

Check out these two lovebirds.

09-05-18_10-32-50 AM

Nimah is making pregnancy look easy. I also got her a job in the Painters career in hopes to make more money quicker.

09-05-18_10-34-06 AM

Do you think that’s a wise choice in your condition? I remember being in my third trimester and I could barely roll over…

09-05-18_10-44-59 AM

Working on Nimah’s aspiration. She has the Serial Romantic aspiration (which I’ve only every played once and never completed it) and needs one more date before moving into the next tier.

09-05-18_10-47-11 AM

Plus the baby is due any day now, so they’re getting all the alone time they can get before the baby arrives.

09-05-18_10-49-43 AM

I figure it’s time she start meeting other Sims as the next milestone is to have 3 first kisses.

It’s baby time!

09-05-18_11-01-51 AM

Look at those curls.

Also he’s ignoring her as she waits to check in.

09-05-18_11-02-17 AM

Flynn decided to sit this one out.

09-05-18_11-02-53 AM

09-05-18_11-07-29 AM

Not one. Not two. But triplets!

Say hello to Alexander, Alyssa and Archer Sims.

House got another update!

09-05-18_1-54-26 PM

It feels like they haven’t been to work in ages. So they’re working on their New Years Resolutions because it’s New Years!

Nimah hopes to gain a skill so she’s working hard painting, which in the end will pay for toddler toys.

09-05-18_1-54-40 PM

Flynn’s resolution is to get a promotion. So he’s working on getting 2 more breakthroughs for his daily task.

09-05-18_2-01-57 PM

I missed all the celebration.

Why? I don’t remember.

09-05-18_2-52-29 PM

Nimah just enjoying a random margarita while Flynn takes care of aging the triplets up.

Since expanding there house again, all the triplets did was sleep. I was worried I would get a notification saying they would be taken away, so I aged them up a day early.

09-05-18_4-37-07 PM

Alexander Sims received the Independent trait.

09-05-18_4-37-16 PM

Alyssa Sims received the Charmer trait.

09-05-18_4-37-29 PM

Archer Sims received the Clingy trait.

There ends another chapter! So far we have 2 Sims eligible for heir. I’m not sure if Flynn and Nimah will have anymore, maybe once the triplets are children? Who knows.


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